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Ending Military Action (From: The Parliament Magazine, 21/03/2016)


Military Intervention Will Fuel More Terrorism, Not Put an End to It, Warns Sabine Lösing

Refugees are being identified as a threat to security that needs to be combatted. In EU speak, tackling the causes of migration means stopping people from fleeing, rather than ending the EU’s highly exploitative trade policy, not to mention EU and member state military intervention. Fighting the root causes of this crisis means ending the push through of neoliberal reforms, war and the destruction of people’s livelihoods.

We cannot discuss security without mentioning refugees – security also means the security of migrants. Looking at the current situation, it’s clear that migrants’ security is hardly at the forefront of the EU agenda. The main topic is the enforcement of national interests, rather than creating legal and safe ways for refugees, which we so urgently need.

So-called ‘threats to security’ are being used as a pretext for further military intervention, mass surveillance and cutbacks of fundamental civil rights, as was the case in France following the Paris attacks. These events, and the implementation of the ‘mutual defence clause’, were also used to justify and legitimise ongoing or previously planned military operations. Yet military action has never contained, stopped or even prevented terrorism. On the contrary, the balance of the ‘war on terror’ with thousands of deaths since 2001 shows that war will only lead to more terrorism and hate.

The GUE/NGL group calls for strict compliance with international law and the cessation of the counterproductive military war on terror. EU policy needs to evolve towards non-militaristic foreign policy, exclusively resorting to civilian conflict management, and with poverty alleviation as its highest priority.

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