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Nr. 11: Expansion - Association - Confrontation

EUrope‘s Neighbourhood Policy, the Ukraine and the New Cold War Against Russia


Considering the level of hysteria in which the relationship towards Russia is currently being discussed here in the „West“, it is sometimes rather difficult to find the right balance. On the one hand it is indeed true that to seriously approve of Russian politics without reservation is not possible. This of course first of all refers to parts of her domestic policies, but also with regard to foreign policy, Russia handles matters along the lines of a kind of power politics which, in case of the Western countries, has always been severely criticised by the peace movement, and rightly so. Though on the other hand, I consider it to be appropriate and important not to forget about the principle of cause and effect. After all, it was the West and not Russia that by means of its policy of NATO expansion refused to make use of the opportunity for enduring rapprochement. Yet hardly anybody in these parts is prepared to acknowledge the fact that the current crisis in the Ukraine was preceded by quite some years of an active anti-Russian encirclement strategy, and that this is really what prepared the
stage for the most recent escalation.

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