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Support of Union for military neutrality of Montenegro


The GUE/NGL group in the European Parliament is fully supporting the Union for military neutrality of Montenegro in its demand to be neutral and to not join NATO. We stand together in the fight against more militarisation and warmongering.



Summary of the constitutional meeting:

Constitutional meeting of Union for military neutrality of Montenegro, initiated by the peace movement No to war – no to NATO, was held in Nikšić on August 8th in presence of two hundred people, representatives of civil sector, politicians, cultural and other organizations.

The meeting started with a minute of silence for the victims of NATO aggression in the country and around the world.

Spasoje Krivokapić (Forum of Montenegrin Citizens in European Union) and Živko Peković held speaches at the meeting, as members of Union's Coordinating council.

In the name of the Coordinating council, Peković proposed Gojko Raičević, president of the peace movement No to war – no to NATO, for the president of the Union for military neutrality of Montenegro, which was followed by the unanimous election of Raičević.

“Assembly around this historical choice was shown today, through the Union, by communists, anticommunists, conservatives and progressives, nationally aware and civil oriented, and the fact of special importance is that support to the Union was given by Russian traditionalists and left-wing and green oriented organizations from 14 states in Europe”, said Raičević, and added that the common denominator of all members of the Union for military neutrality of Montenegro is insisting that the referendum should be held.

The main cause is implementation of a referendum about military neutrality of Montenegro, respecting the will of the people, against the will of the government of Montenegro, which is willing to incorporate Montenegro to NATO by force.

Support to the Union for military neutrality of Montenegro was shown by tens of NGOs, homeland organizations, cultural and sports companies, as well as Yugoslav Communist Party of Montenegro, Democratic Serbian Party, Party of Serbian Radicals, New Serbian Democracy, Workers' Party and Democratic People's Party.

Written support was also given by the vice president of the Russian Duma and assistant secretary of the General Council of Putin's party United Russia, Sergej Železnjak, as well as Aleksej Žuravljov, president of Rodina, the party founded by the vice premier of Russia, Dimitrij Rogozin. Full support was given by Sabine Lösing, the member of European Parliament from European confederation of United Left and Nordic Green Left, consisting of 52 members from 14 Europen countries, as well as from parties from the region.

Coordinating body of “Union for military neutrality of Montenegro” is consisting of: Andrija Mandić, Vladimir Božović, Dragica Perović, Željko Komnenović, Živko Peković, Janko Vučinić, Ljubomir Radinović, priest Miajlo Backović, Novica Stanić Milan Knežević, Spasoje Krivokapić and Gojko Raičević.

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