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The Parliament Magazine: EU defence: MEPs vote for better security cooperation


The Parliament Magazine ( covers the debate on the report on the Implementation of the Common Security and Defence Policy:

"German GUE/NGL group shadow rapporteur Sabine Lösing was also against the report, saying, "We utterly rejected the report on a European defence union, because it demands a preparatory action on EU defence research and a fully EU-funded defence research programme, stronger EU-Nato cooperation and the establishment of a start-up fund for preparatory activities." 

Lösing also opposed the militarisation of the EU, saying the "EU wants to become a military global player. After Brexit the joint military project shall now form the cement in the EU and the Trump victory is being used as window of opportunity for more EU- military autonomy. 

"Therefore we call to stick to a civilian EU, not to promote its militarisation, and strongly reject support of the defence industry, thus the military-industrial complex.""

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