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Science|Business: First ever EU military research competition launches with €1.5B per year


Internet news service Science|Business reports on the EUs first ever military research competition (

"Despite a survey by the Commission that shows strong support for the move into defence research, early indications are that the far-reaching plan is extremely polarising.

Manfred Weber MEP, who leads the largest political group in the European Parliament, the European People's Party,‏ said the proposal is the second biggest thing the EU has taken on after the launch of the euro single currency.

Weber comes from Germany, which alongside France is the main proponent of the drive for deeper defence integration. Members of the German government have become vocal supporters for EU defence spending, amid growing concern that the US is turning into an unreliable ally under President Donald Trump.

On the other hand, the far-left MEP Sabine Lösing, also German, described the plan as a “dark day” for Europe. “We are at the start of a very slippery slope,” she said. “The defence industry might be pleased as punch – but it’s a dark day for those of us who are working towards a peaceful and social European Union."

Peace campaigners responded in a similar manner, accusing the Commission of stretching EU law to its limits and “trivialising” weapons production."

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