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Neue Technologien zur Grenzüberwachung — Frontex


Im Mai 2017 traf sich die EU-Grenzagentur Frontex zur Verbesserung ihrer Grenzüberwachung mit 15 Herstellern entsprechender Technologien. Über zwei Tage präsentierten die Firmen ihre Produkte zur land‐ und seegestützten Überwachung, darunter bemannte und unbemannte Luftfahrzeuge, Sensoren, Kommunikationsmittel sowie Systeme zur Erlangung und Verarbeitung von Aufklärungsdaten.

1. Welche Hersteller haben bei dem Treffen mit Frontex welche konkreten Produkte oder Verfahren präsentiert?

2. Welche Teilnehmer aus welchen Ländern waren bei dem Treffen anwesend?

3. Welche der gezeigten Technologien oder Verfahren sollen in Zukunft von der Grenzagentur Frontex beschafft werden?

Antwort von Herrn Avramopoulos im Namen der Kommission vom 18. Juli 2017:

Die Kommission hat die Europäische Agentur für die Grenz‐ und Küstenwache (Frontex) gebeten, die Einzelheiten zur Beantwortung der Frage der Frau Abgeordneten betreffend die jüngste Sitzung der Agentur zu neuen Technologien der Grenzüberwachung zuzuleiten.

Sie wird der Frau Abgeordneten die Antwort der Agentur sofort nach Erhalt übermitteln.

Antwort von Frontex vom 25.07.2017:

As announced in the Commission's reply on question E-0344/2017, please find below details of the reply obtained from the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex).

"Which producers presented which products or services at the meeting with  Frontex?

The following companies have attended and presented their products or services:

Leonardo (Maritime Surveillance Awareness solutions; Scalable solutions (manned and unmanned) for maritime patrolling; Managing data: analytics, big data and intelligence)

Expansion Consulting Solutions (Airborne Surveillance and Observation Solution)

Airbus (Secure land communication portfolio and expertise; Scalable Solutions for Maritime Domain Awareness)

Hensoldt (Surveillance camera systems)

Infratec (Thermal vison cameras/solutions and references of accomplished projects)

SAAB (Airborne Foliage Penetration System - Carabas)

Vimtec (Mobile surveillance solution)

Babcock (Portfolio of services - maritime surveillance with airplanes, helicopters and RPAS; Aerial Search and Rescue)

TNO (Demonstration of TNO’s planning tool SARPASS - Search and Rescue Planning and Assessment)

OSI Systems (Inspection systems to combat terrorism, drug smuggling, illegal immigration etc.)

Verint (Various technology solutions for border security and protection: tactical solutions, social media tracking solution, and intelligence fusion centre)

LPI (Solutions for increasing efficiency in airborne/ground patrols in real time data acquisition for rapid tactical analysis; Safety enhancement, mission automation, data distribution)

Rockwell Collins (Surveillance sensors and solutions based on radars and video)

EASP Air (+Aerodata-partner) (Enhancing Maritime Surveillance Airpower by deployment of EASP AIR’s 5x DO328’s MPA fleet / Delivering a comprehensive situational awareness picture in ICC’s)

Aeroexpress (+Awiwest-partner) (Live HD video transmission (airborne or ground) via multiple bonded and encrypted 3G/4G cellular links)

Which participants from which countries attended the meeting?

Representatives of the border control authorities of the following Member States attended the meeting: Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

Which of the technologies and services presented does the border agency intend to procure in the future?

The meeting referred to forms part of a series of regular meetings during which industry briefs the Agency and Member States experts on its portfolio of products and services in the field of border security. The meetings are not part of any procurement procedure. For purchases of equipment Frontex follows the rules of public procurement, thus ensuring equal opportunities for the companies offering their products and services. The same applies to the Member States."

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency(Frontex) is an independent body of the Union established by Regulation (EU) 2016/1624 of 14 September 2016. Accordingly, sole liability for the quoted replies transmitted by the Commission, rests with the Agency.

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