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Schlagwort: Common Security and Defence Policy

  • The Parliament Magazine: EU defence: MEPs vote for better security cooperation

    German GUE/NGL group shadow rapporteur Sabine Lösing was also against the report, saying, "We utterly rejected the report on a European defence union, because it demands a preparatory action on EU defence research and a fully EU-funded defence research programme, stronger EU-Nato cooperation and the establishment of a start-up fund for preparatory activities.

  • Daily Mail: German MEP says European Army WILL now happen thanks to Brexit

    Yesterday the European Parliament voted in favour of plans which would cut through red tape and allow NATO forces to be deployed quicker in the event of a crisis and bolster defences against Russian aggression in eastern Europe. But Sabine Lösing, an MEP who represents Lower Saxony, told Mail Online: 'Britain was the brake. Here in the European Parliament that was very clear and I have seen them block it.

  • Daily Mail: The EU readies itself for war with Putin

    The british newspaper Daily Mail covers the plenary debate in Strasbourg on the report on the Implementation of the Common Security and Defence Policy:: "Mr Paet said there are occasions when armed forces might want to fly the EU flag, rather than the NATO standard. He pointed out recent French-led operations in the Central African Republic and Mali. But his report was criticised by Sabine Lösing, from the Left-wing Die Linke party in Germany, and Takis Hadjigeorgiou, of Akel, the former communist party in Cyprus.

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